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“Thank you all the Moms and Dads for dedicating your life to the kids”

Was having a discussion with one of parents whose kid has subscribed for #monkeybox . He said we are working on a very noble cause and we will succeed if we align our thinking to the thinking of a parent. “think like a mom and you will win”

that got me thinking.. we have been doing this now for just about 6 months (6 month old Kid- need lot of hand holding) and always feel that even though we get once in a while pat on the back and always get to hear suggestions of how to run this… which we are very openly accepting. got this feeling now how difficult it is for a mom or a dad to keep serving the kid without any appreciation. I mean how do we expect our parents to keep doing so much for us and we get on with our life without stopping for a minute to acknowledge their efforts .. its not that they ask for … but we at MB felt the need to appreciate their effort.

So just felt like wishing every MOM and DAD out there.. as a kid… Thank you so much for Everything and for Being There when we need you.

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