7 Sunny tips for your sonny child!

It’s summer! Time for children to be excited and the earth to be scorched. Worried for your child’s safety? These 7 tips are sure to put the fun under the sun!

 sonny child


  1. Screen out the sun: Whoever said sunscreen is a purely cosmetic product needs to give such a thought a re-look. Children who engage in outdoor activities need sunscreen too. Opt for a product with a minimum sun protection factor of 15 and keep applying every 2-3 hours. More often if the activity is around water. Remember to apply them 20 minutes before you go out in the sun.
  1. Hydration, super important: Replace colas, canned fruit juice or even fruit flavoured beverages for coconut water, freshly squeezed fruit juice and buttermilk. Does your child find plain water, a bit too plain Jane? Then add wedges of lime, orange, pieces of watermelon, mint leaves etc to make the water flavour some and much more appealing to the little athlete playing away under the sun.
  1. Watch on the summer time diet: Summers for children would mean major relaxing in their diet patterns. For many, it could herald the time for fried foods and ice-cream. Although a little indulgence is okay, keeping a watch on the diet is supremely important. Know more about it in our related blog 8 Summer time diet tips for children.
  1. If rest is assured then rest assured: The sun may do more than just make your child sweat. It can zap your child off energy too. So ensure they get plenty of rest, at least for 8-10 hours a day.
  1. Cool clothing for cool summers: Ensure you opt for only cotton clothes. Also remember to pick out light coloured clothing to keep your child cool.
  1. Avoid the mid-day sun: The sun rays are the most damaging between 12 noon to 3pm. It is best to avoid venturing out at this time. In case you have something planned, then do arm your children with large brimmed hats and umbrellas.
  1. R.I.C.E to the occasion: In case your child experiences outdoor play related injury during summers, ensure they get enough Rest; Ice and Compression to the injured area; and keep the areas Elevated.