On Father’s Day, kids do their best to show their dads that extra bit of love and appreciation. And since we directly interact with kids on a daily basis, we decided to help them out.

MonkeyBox delivers fresh, nutritious, and delicious meals to school kids during their mealtimes, every day, and is a refreshing alternative to the average tiffin box. So, a few days before Father’s Day, we slipped the following note into the kids’ MonkeyBoxes, inviting them to do something special for their dads.


Father's Day

We asked them to do something simple: write a special message to their dads on the note, and send it back to us in their empty MonkeyBoxes. Out of over 500 notes sent, we received an overwhelming number of responses from the kids. Take a look at some of the cutest ones below – believe us, we had a hard time picking!


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What happened next was a surprise for both the unsuspecting dads and their excited kids. We delivered the notes to the dads on Father’s Day! The end result was a large number of euphoric dads, and tons of brownie points scored for their kids at home. To us, that sounds like a mission well accomplished.

Out of the many hundreds, here are responses from some very surprised Dads.

Asset 4

responssAt MonkeyBox, we know the things that make kids happy. And nothing makes them happy like seeing a smile on their parents’ faces. We hope this little surprise did just that and a little more.

Some fun facts on milk

What’s the one liquid super food that you, give your child especially when you are pressed for time? 




We are absolutely sure that it is the humble milk. Be it flavoured or unflavoured, it is often the go to beverage during that morning school rush or before the dash to after school classes or even to calm a midnight nightmare.

Milk and milk products such as curd, cheese, ghee or paneer, milk and its products are so important that they form a part of each and every healthy meal that we eat. In fact, it is such an important food not only in India but worldwide that it has its own day!! Yes, World Milk Day is celebrated every year on the 1st of June and this day is dedicated to highlight the importance of dairy in the areas of sustainability, economic development, livelihoods and nutrition among the public.

Therefore, to do our bit, MonkeyBox will take you deep into that humble glass of milk and unravel some pretty awesome milk facts.

  • Did you know that milk provides almost one fourth of a child’s daily requirement of calcium? It is a treasure trove of nutrients especially calcium and protein and is required for growth and development of budding children. Milk also contains magnesium, selenium, riboflavin, vitamin B12 and vitamin B5.
  • Want to skip milk? Think twice because then you’d have to eat seven oranges or six slices of wheat bread to get the same amount of calcium that you’d get in a glass of milk (250 ml),
  • We all know that the calcium in milk helps build strong teeth and bone but did you also know that milk can literally save teeth? Well, next time if a permanent tooth inadverently gets knocked out, don’t panic. Just drop the tooth in a glass of cold milk and rush with it to you dentist. Milk helps preserve the tooth until a dentist can put it back in its socket.
  • Milk has been shown to be the best post-exercise beverage as it helps repair and build worn out muscle tissue. So make sure to hand out that tall glass of cold milk to your child after a period of intense and vigorous playtime. It will be absolutely refreshing and will curb the pangs to reach out for that soft drink.
  • Did you know that about 5 kg of milk is required to make just 500 g of cheese.
  • Is your child allergic to milk? Then try baking with it. A study has shown that over time, kids who were fed the baked products ultimately did better with uncooked milk than kids who were completely kept off milk.

After reading these, we are sure that you would make milk a part of your and your family’s healthy eating plan. Do go ahead share these with your children and help them savour every sip of that glass of milk or every bite of that absolutely delicious piece of cheese.

Happy World Milk Day! Mooo!!