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Healthy bowel habits for children

Do you have a gut feeling that all is not going well in your children’s guts? Have you been following their toilet habits and found them to raise a stink (pun intended)? Well, your child must be among the scores of children who report constipation.

“Nearly 40% of school children in India suffer from recurrent bouts of constipation”

What’s normal and what’s not?


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8 Summer time Diet Tips for Children

Summers mean different things to different people. As the adults gear up with cool clothing and head gears to safeguard themselves, the children get excited to catch up on some outdoor fun or a simple lazy day at the pool. However, with the temperatures soaring these outdoor plans get altered to a lazy day at home.

As children wait for the fury of the Sun God to subside, they tend to flop on the couch with a cartoon show, bowlful of ready-to-eat snacks, and aerated drinks for company. Even the occasional spurt of outdoor play could result in a mad dash towards the refrigerator for fuel up with some sugary drinks. Come summer, households stock up on ice-creams, fried snacks and even artificially flavored juice mixes. Continue reading 8 Summer time Diet Tips for Children

Memory Booster Food for kids

Come exam season, not only do kids face the jitters, but it is also a ‘test’ing time for the parents. They don many roles; as a student mugging up their children’s syllabi and then as a coach for their lil ‘uns. However, their concerns are not just restricted to studies. Mothers face the heat when it comes to planning the most nutritious, exam time meal and snacks that could keep the children going during exams.

Presenting a list of must have nutrients and their sources for the harried parents and their little Einsteins in the making!

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