MonkeyBox Nutrition Expert Column

Dear Parents,


Growing up healthy in today’s world is a tough act. With the advent of packaged, junk and other convenient foods as well as the irresistible attraction of desserts and chocolates, our kids live in pretty confusing times.

As part of an initiative from our end to help you counter this worry, we have identified an expert concept partner-MonkeyBox who will help provide the right nutritious food for our kids everyday while also inculcating the right values in them. A quick overview of MonkeyBox is given below for your reference:

  • MonkeyBox delivers fresh food for Short break, Lunch and Post-school snacks.
  • Each combo meal is designed by Child Nutrition Experts and Finest chefs
  • Provides a balanced diet and kids meet the daily nutritional requirements.
  • Food is 100% Vegetarian and hygienically prepared from trusted sources.
  • Parents can choose subscription options for a wholesome & tasty menu on MonkeyBox Mobile app. Total upfront payment for weekly or monthly options will be collected from Parents personally.
  • Monkey box is promoted and mentored by leading technocrats, experts from Sports, Healthcare industry, Child Psychologists and people with decades of rich experience in Food Business.
  • Monkey box is working with us to ensure that the lunch box reaches the kid 30 minutes prior to break time.